Reverse Representation:


Treating the customer as our king we invented the term: Reverse Representation™ to stand on our customers side protecting his interests in finding the best suitable solutions for today's and future electrical installation projects.


Reverse Representation™ signifies that we are offering world leading electrical installations solutions solely focused on our customers application needs. Hence, Reverse Representation™ provides open minded application and supply chain solutions, contributing to our customer’s success in the areas of application needs, product fulfillment cycles, installation time and implementation cost.

We bring experiences of worldwide proven products, services and manufacturers to match the local requirements of our customers.

Our focus is the end-customer. Together with our customers and based on their application needs, we define and provide electrical installations solutions that offer the best technical, economical and ecological application solution.

Our Core Offering contains:

  • Wire and Cables
  • Cable Trays
  • Connectors
  • Cable Assemblies
  • Automation Products
  • Electrical Installation Products


Were electrical installation solutions matter, we provide the offering that makes the difference.