Our Approach and Offering:

We go back to the basics: "Customers First"


We are increasing the pace and precision of strategic decision-making to react to changes in the business climate or help to maneuver out of a crisis mode.


Our focus is on achieving results and building a healthy prosperous business with our clients



NOBEL®Service Supply

Effective Business Consulting

Electrical Installation Solutions
  • Crisp analysis of the business situation
  • Alternatives for going to market and producing value
  • Decision making models and implementation support
  • Acquisition support
  • Sales process evaluation
  • Sales process improvement
  • Sales process coaching

Providing open minded solutions for electrical installations with products and services that either can be bought direct from the manufacturer or through NOBEL™ Service Supply

Our Core Offering:

      Wires and Cables

      Cable Trays


      Cable Assemblies

      Automation Products

      Electrical Installation Products



Financial Investments

Establishing a marketing strategy with clear points of differentiation:

  • Investment strategy
  • Software
  • Reports