Customer Concepts:

“The Customer

Is The Only Reason

To Be In Business”

Growing your business is our aim.

Together, we will:

define, attract and win;

maintain and grow

our clients business.

Customer Concepts:

Customer Selection


Customer Training

Customer Management

Pipe Strategy:


Selecting a small number of identified accounts

Funnel Strategy:


Selecting a large number of accounts to be identified

Important Factors of Success we cannot  Teach, but Measure:

  • Desire to succeed
  • Persistence
  • Abstract Reasoning

Factors we can Teach:

  • Customer Knowledge
  • Application Requirements
  • Argumentation for Success:  





Key Performance Indicators:

  • Deployment road map


  • On site supervision of success

Process Organization and Customer Focus:


  • sales prevention
  • sales acceleration
  • sales proliferation


Building Incentive Structures:


  • key elements of decisions
  • key elements of success
  • plan development